The Vice chairman of the Guangdong Association for science and technology investigated the development of Science Popularization in Jiangmen

Recently, Zheng Qingshun, Secretary of the Party group and full-time vice chairman of the Guangdong Association for science and technology, and his party went to Jiangmen to investigate the implementation of "science popularization China e station" and "China Sea Intelligence Plan". The Provincial Association for science and technology, Jiangmen Municipal Association for science and technology, and the Management Committee of Jiangmen high tech Zone attended the survey.

That afternoon, Zheng Qingshun and his party first came to zicha primary school. Zicha primary school, as a characteristic school of science education in Guangdong Province and the first batch of pilot units of science popularization China e station in Guangdong Province, can be seen everywhere in the campus a strong atmosphere of popular science. Accompanied by headmaster Tan guochi, the research group visited the "Red +" exhibition hall, science and technology interesting experience area, maker classroom, students' scientific and technological works exhibition room, window wall of station e, etc. After carefully listening to the introduction, Zheng Qingshun highly praised the achievements of the school's science popularization work: first, he could adhere to the guidance of Party building, use the "Red + Science Popularization" to put the high-quality resources of science popularization in China into the classroom, cultivate the fine character of young people and be the reliable builders of the motherland; second, he can adhere to the tradition of scientific education for a long time, inheriting and innovating constantly, so as to cultivate young people The long-term mechanism of science education should be established with the core of scientific innovation ability and scientific spirit.

Later, Zheng Qingshun and his party visited the enlightenment star (Jiangmen) incubator to investigate and understand the work of the incubator in serving scientific and technological workers, assisting in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the implementation of the "overseas intelligence plan". Zhang Yueqiang, deputy general manager of enlightenment star (Jiangmen), introduced the development process and innovation incubation mode of enlightenment star.

"It is not only necessary to cultivate enterprises, but also to give full play to the advantages of resources to cultivate industries in depth, further explore and match scientific and technological achievements and industries, solve the problem of transformation of local scientific and technological achievements, and stimulate new kinetic energy of regional industries." After listening to the development of enlightenment star science popularization work, Zheng Qingshun recognized the achievements of enlightenment star (Jiangmen) and put forward higher requirements.

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