Sending high quality soldiers to the army

On August 7, song chunwu, the deputy director of the mobilization Bureau of the provincial military region, led the provincial conscription inspection team to inspect the physical examination of conscription in our city. City leaders Cheng Daxin and Zheng Xiaoyi participated in relevant inspection activities.

On the same day, the inspection group and his party successively went to Heshan City and Jianghai district to check and guide the work of conscription physical examination. At the site of the physical examination station, the inspection team visited and inspected each physical examination department to understand in detail the development of the physical examination work of conscription, and expressed gratitude to the medical staff for their hard work. At the same time, the doctor was instructed to strictly control the conscription physical examination, strictly follow the operation procedures and discipline of physical examination, and effectively send high-quality soldiers to the army. "Where is the young man from?" "Why enlist?" The inspection team also had a cordial conversation with the young candidates who were queuing up for physical examination, inquired about their physical, family conditions and recruitment intention in detail, expressed appreciation for the young candidates' enthusiasm for joining the army, and encouraged them to cherish the opportunity, exercise and become talents and serve the motherland.

According to reports, as of August 5, more than 3000 people in the city had passed the initial physical examination, with the total number of qualified students and the number of qualified college students reaching a record high. At present, conscription organs at all levels in our city are continuing to pay close attention to the reexamination of conscription physical examination, which is expected to be basically completed in the middle of August. The next step will be to organize and carry out conscription political assessment, examination and approval and pre service training in accordance with the procedures, so as to ensure the completion of the annual recruitment tasks entrusted to our city by the provincial government and the provincial military region.

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