Garden party held in Jiangmen

On July 26, the theme garden party of "safeguard children and happy growth" of "big family" parent-child day, sponsored by the Municipal Women's Federation and organized by the Municipal Women's and children's activity center, was held in the city's women's and children's activity center. More than 150 families participated in the activity.

On the same day, the activity site was divided into two areas: the amusement park area and the interactive area. In the park area, there were seven areas, including traffic safety, fire safety, electricity safety, first aid knowledge, self-protection and epidemic prevention knowledge, and green environmental protection, with a total of 13 game stalls. In the interactive area, the Red Cross staff of our city were specially invited to conduct demonstration teaching of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first-aid knowledge All knowledge award-winning Q & A. Through the experience form of game breakthrough and interactive link, the activity enables children to get more knowledge and skills related to safety, so that they can learn from playing and play while learning, and enhance their safety awareness and self-protection ability.

"Although I used to teach my daughter self-protection knowledge at home, the effect is far less than the effect of learning in the game this time." At the scene of the activity, Ms. Huang, who is accompanying her daughter to participate in the "Pearl of the eye" game activity, said that she was very happy to participate in the children's safety theme garden party, so that children can learn more about safety knowledge and establish a sense of vigilance and prevention and a positive sense of help seeking.

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