Training course for improving psychological counseling skills

From July 14 to 16, the Municipal People's Procuratorate held a training course for improving the skills of group psychological counseling of the procuratorial organs of the whole city. The police of the juvenile procuratorial department of the city's procuratorial organs, representatives of the Municipal Women's Federation and Pengjiang district Huanshi Street office participated in the training.

Five psychological experts from the third people's Hospital of Chongqing were invited to give lectures. According to the actual combat needs of uninspected business, they carried out training on basic knowledge of psychological group counseling, skill improvement, scheme design and practical operation experience. Through concept elaboration, skill introduction, case analysis, group discussion, scheme design, group experience, summary and evaluation, they adopted the teaching mode of "strong interaction", In a short period of time, the trainees can master the skills of group counseling and psychological counseling of victims quickly, which lays a good foundation for the application of relevant skills and the exploration of group psychological counseling in the future.

According to reports, it is an inevitable trend for the development of the work of non-prosecution in the new era to extensively carry out psychological counseling and psychological intervention for minors involved in the case, so as to alleviate the tense and anxious emotions of minors and the antagonistic emotions of juvenile suspects. It is also the inevitable trend of the development of the work of non-prosecution in the new era. It is also the implementation of the five word decision of "punishment, prevention, education, governance and responsibility" by the procuratorial organs, and strengthen the two-way comprehensive department for minors to the necessity of legal protection.

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