The first English version of nucleic acid detection report in our city

On July 19, the reporter learned from Jiangmen Central Hospital that the hospital recently issued the first English version of nucleic acid detection report in our city, providing entry-exit security for overseas staff and other returned personnel.

The entry personnel must be provided with the new virus test report in English.

"Hello, can the hospital issue an English version of the nucleic acid test report?" In early July, Mr. Wang from the office of Jiangmen kindergarten normal school came to the front desk for consultation. Li Ruibao, deputy director of the customer service center of the hospital (representative of the president), learned that 14 Indonesian students in the school had completed their studies and their visa was about to expire. Most importantly, due to the epidemic situation, only one charter flight arrived in Indonesia in July due to the epidemic situation, and they had to take this charter flight back to China.

"At present, we have not opened this service, but don't worry. We will contact relevant departments and try our best to solve your needs." Li Ruibao said.

After receiving help from Indonesian students, Li Ruibao immediately communicated and coordinated with the medical department, network information center, laboratory and other teams of the hospital to open up a "green channel" for the city's overseas staff and overseas returnees. The information center team provided technical support, and the laboratory team prepared the English template of nucleic acid report. They worked overtime on weekends and upgraded the common English nucleic acid test reports to make the title of the new coronavirus more in line with the name of the World Health Organization. After checking and testing for many times, they finally successfully opened the service.

Two days later, Jiangmen City's first English version of the nucleic acid detection report was released. After receiving the report, 14 Indonesian students took a bus from Jiangmen to Zhuhai, then took a plane from Zhuhai to Shanghai, and then returned to Indonesia by charter plane from the Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai. At present, they have arrived home safely. The leaders and teachers of Jiangmen normal school for early childhood are very grateful to Jiangmen Central Hospital for their care and help to overseas students. They said that they would present brocade and convey the gratitude of the students on behalf of them.

In addition, the hospital issued an English version of nucleic acid test report for 9 business personnel of an enterprise in our city, which helped them to visa for exit smoothly.

"The shortest time for overseas enterprises to conduct nucleic acid detection is to provide a solid guarantee for overseas enterprises to carry out nucleic acid detection, so as to provide a better guarantee for overseas enterprises to conduct nucleic acid detection." The relevant person in charge of the hospital said.

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