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With exquisite hand paintings and salivating specialties, just search for "Jiangmen Cantonese cuisine master's Gourmet map" in the wechat app, and you can enjoy Wuyi and Jiangmen Recently, the city's first official "Cantonese cuisine master" food map created by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security was officially launched.

Relying on the wechat small program system, the map records in detail the food locations of various regions in Wuyi area. Through the browsing and navigation functions of the small program, you can easily find restaurants and tourist attractions in Wuyi. It also introduces more than 70 kinds of Jiangmen local specialty food including Gujing roast goose, Du Ruan lianggua cake, Taishan Wuwei goose, Heshan Yupi Jiao and Taishan Monopterus rice This paper presents the information of dish style, taste, material selection, nutrition, historical background and so on.

According to statistics, each city (District) in the map introduces more than 8 kinds of local characteristic food, more than 7 specialty food shops, 2-3 tourism resources or special tourism culture, and 2 famous Cantonese cuisine masters. At the bottom of the map, there is "training base", "Cantonese cuisine master", "Jiangmen scenic spot" and "Rainbow plan". Through the wechat app, people can not only discover delicious food, but also learn about excellent Cantonese cuisine masters, holy places to visit, training bases and entrepreneurship projects.

According to reports, the launch of the "Cantonese cuisine master" food map aims to further promote the "Guangdong cuisine master" project and the construction of "Guangdong cuisine master + tourism culture", create a "Wuyi cuisine" food brand, and promote the inheritance and development of Wuyi cuisine cooking skills.

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