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In May of this year, the work of river chief system and lake chief system in Jiangmen City was supervised and encouraged by the State Council, and won a reward of 40 million yuan from the general office of the State Council. It has become the only local and municipal unit in Guangdong Province to receive the incentive. The effectiveness of the system has also attracted the attention of the whole country. On the afternoon of July 14, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau organized and invited more than 20 national, provincial and municipal media, including people's daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, and the Central People's broadcasting station, to carry out the theme publicity and report activities on the River chief system and Bidao construction in our city, and conducted in-depth interviews and investigations on the construction of Jiangmen River chief system and Bidao, as well as the important work achievements.

On the same day, through the meeting on the experience of river governor system in Jiangmen City, the relevant persons in charge of the municipal river Chief Office introduced to the media group the work situation of the system and mechanism innovation measures, etc. It is understood that since the comprehensive implementation of the river chief system, Jiangmen City has made every effort to implement the "make Wuyi river more beautiful" action, solidly carry out the "manage four disorder" and "five cleans" special actions, promote the construction of the Bidao project and the comprehensive treatment project of key tributaries with high standards, and focus on the prevention and control of water pollution, water environmental governance, water resources protection, water security and other work, and actively promote the river and lake chief system It has achieved periodical work results.

After the meeting, the media delegation successively went to Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City, to interview and inspect the demonstration section of green corridor in Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City, and the pilot project of green corridor and green corridor in Jianghai District, so as to get a detailed understanding of the progress and implementation of the project. It is reported that Bidao around Rencai Island, as one of the demonstration sections in Pengjiang district, has completed 6 km of construction and is under construction for 5 km, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year. At present, the construction task of the 9 km pilot demonstration section from Jiangmen shipyard to Jiangmen bridge has been completed, and the remaining 11 km will be implemented in combination with the surrounding land development and "three old" transformation.

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