Jinjiang super large bridge through

On July 8, with the steady fall of the last box girder, Jinjiang super large bridge, the control project of tj01 construction section of Kaichun expressway, was successfully completed. This is also the first super large bridge of the whole line of Kaichun expressway.

According to reports, the total length of tj01 construction section of Kaichun expressway is 12.655 km, including 3 super large bridges, 3 bridges and 11 interchange ramp bridges. The total length of Jinjiang super large bridge is 1020 meters, crossing Jinjiang River and g325 national highway, involving the construction of deep water foundation and continuous rigid frame beam, which is difficult in technology and high in safety control risk.

In the autumn of 2017, the project team of tj01 construction section moved in. In February 2018, the main bridge steel trestle of Jinjiang super large bridge was successfully erected, which provided a safe and reliable operation platform for the construction of bridge pile foundation and substructure; in October 2019, the bridge began to be erected; in May 2020, the left side was successfully connected, and in July 2020, the right side was smoothly connected.

It took more than two years from the commencement of the bridge to the completion of the whole bridge. The project department has overcome the difficulties of complex construction environment, difficult demolition coordination, and complex engineering geology and high safety technical requirements for cross-border road construction. On the premise of ensuring safety, quality and civilized construction, the project department strengthened process supervision and supervision, strengthened coordination and cooperation, and consolidated the main responsibility, so as to realize the smooth progress of the bridge and it is convenient to connect.

At present, more than half of the anti-collision guardrail, deck pavement and ancillary works of Jinjiang super large bridge have been constructed, and other bridges and subgrade projects in the bid section are also being effectively and orderly promoted. Next, the project department will further strengthen the management and control of the project construction, and spare no effort to ensure the realization of the goal of opening to traffic at the end of 2020.   

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