534 civil servants recruited

In 2020, online registration for civil servant examination in Guangdong Province will be officially launched. According to the announcement recently released, this year, the city has launched 479 posts and plans to recruit 534 civil servants. Among them, 371 people were recruited in 330 job plans issued by county-level and above institutions, and 163 people were recruited in 149 job plans released by township (including sub district) government units, slightly increasing compared with the total number of 471 people recruited last year.

It is understood that the overall position in our city is not only for fresh graduates, but also for previous graduates, with a wide range of majors, which reflects the relevant requirements for "stable employment" in national policies. In terms of different job attributes, the county-level and above-mentioned organs plan to recruit 371 people, including 16 in the audit system, 62 in the public security system, 23 in the court system, 7 in the procuratorial system, and the remaining 163 in the township (including street) authorities, with a considerable scale of recruitment.

Jiangmen focuses on the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area and Rural Revitalization Strategy. Now it is in an important strategic development period. The demand for talents is very urgent. For examinees, the number of recruitment positions increases, and the good opportunities also increase. However, it should be noted that for those who apply for the post in the township offices of the Pearl River Delta, the eastern and western wing areas and the northern Ecological Development Zone, according to relevant regulations, the minimum service life of newly recruited township civil servants in township offices is 5 years (including probation period), during which the higher authorities are generally not allowed to transfer or select. At the same time, for example, some of the first-class staff of the organization work office of sub district office of Enping City and the first-class section member of the health and population and Family Planning Bureau of Chuandao Town, Taishan City, etc., clearly stipulate that they are specialized positions for "serving grass-roots project personnel and retired college student soldiers", and they should work in the employing unit for at least five years after employment. Therefore, examinees should pay attention to all kinds of information when they sign up for the position, so as to avoid misinformation.

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