Participate in the review of the rematch

The 10th provincial governor cup Industrial Design Competition (Jiangmen competition area) and 2020 Jiangmen "Mayor Cup" industrial design competition started. Based on the results of last year, seven experts and judges repeatedly studied and finally selected the works of each category by secret ballot, including 254 works in concept group, 178 pieces in product group and 4 pieces in industrial group. A total of 436 pieces of works will participate in the review of the 10th provincial governor cup in July.

This "Mayor Cup" industrial design competition takes "design enabling industry innovation leading the future" as the theme. The competition is divided into three groups: product design group, conceptual design group and industrial design group. Among them, the product design group and concept design group are divided into eight categories, namely, new generation information technology, green petrochemical and energy conservation and environmental protection, automobile manufacturing and marine equipment and ships, intelligent equipment (including artificial intelligence and robot), Pan home furnishing (including household appliances, home appliance manufacturing, kitchen and toilet, etc.), textile and clothing, CMF (color, material and Technology), and comprehensive category Other industries other than the above seven categories, such as biomedicine, food and beverage, metal products, etc.).

Since the 10th provincial governor cup industrial design competition was launched, Jiangmen sub competition area has formulated the work plan of combining online and offline, and has made breakthrough progress in the collection of works. On the basis of 2485 pieces of works collected in the "mayor's Cup" last year, in only two months from late April this year to now, our city has collected 2098 entries.

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