Water saving image ambassador of our city

Recently, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau held the water conservation IP Design Competition Award Ceremony and water conservation image ambassador conference. The theme of the competition is "insisting on water saving priority and building a water saving society". The creative ideas of the winning works embody the modeling implications of "water saving spirit", "Wuyi Culture" and "Jiangmen characteristics".

There are 10 winning works in the competition, among which the work "Lilly little Superman" won the water-saving IP Design Award and became the water-saving image ambassador of Jiangmen City (see the above figure), and the other 9 works won the new award of water-saving IP design. Xie Meixin, the author of "Lilly little Superman", said that Lilly is a high-tech intelligent robot, which uses the blue color representing water and the green color representing environmental protection to match the body color, implying water conservation and environmental protection. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau said that the next step would be to create a new Jiangmen water-saving IP through the image of "Lilly little Superman" and promote the development of water-saving work in our city in combination with the local reality.

It is understood that in the next step, our city will give full play to the role of schools at all levels in teaching and educating people, actively build a cooperation platform between schools and enterprises, explore and carry out the school contract water-saving mode, introduce social capital and professional technical force, integrate advanced water-saving technology and management mode to participate in water-saving transformation, and create new highlights in water-saving work.

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