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On the morning of June 20, Pengjiang municipal garbage classification office, Organization Department of the District Committee and Publicity Department of the District Committee jointly launched the online press conference of "Pengjiang municipal garbage classification" information management platform with the theme of "new fashion of garbage classification, urban civilization first".

At the conference, Pengjiang classification information management platform, the first garbage classification information management platform in our city, was officially launched. On the site of the activity, a garden party was held to promote the knowledge of garbage classification to residents through game interaction and on-site propaganda, calling on residents to actively participate in the classification of garbage.

It is understood that in order to promote the intelligent and information-based management of garbage classification and improve the awareness, participation and accuracy of residents' garbage classification, Pengjiang district has built an information management platform of "Pengjiang classification".

The reporter learned that the information management platform of "Pengjiang classification" includes the description of garbage classification, delivery process, recycling appointment, policy interpretation, points and other sections. Through the platform, residents can learn how to classify garbage, and can also get points and exchange gifts by participating in the classification of garbage. In addition, if residents need to deal with large domestic waste, they can also make an appointment through the platform for convenient treatment.

The head of Pengjiang district environmental sanitation department said that through the platform, big data analysis can also be carried out, which can more accurately grasp the dynamic of garbage classification work in the whole region, provide scientific basis for in-depth promotion of classification work, make the classification work more practical and detailed, and better serve the public.

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