Establishing "blacklist" of medical institutions

On the afternoon of June 22, the municipal anti-black and anti-evil office presided over a special press conference on the improvement of the health industry in 2020. The reporter learned from the conference that since February 2018, the city has investigated and dealt with 230 illegal cases in the health industry, fined 857860 yuan, confiscated 49493 yuan of illegal income, and achieved phased results.

In order to combat and rectify the medical chaos, purify the industry environment, and promote the standardized and orderly development of the medical industry, the Municipal Health Bureau has established a multi department joint action mechanism to rectify the medical order and combat illegal medical practices. Since May this year, the Municipal Bureau of health has focused on in-depth investigation of medical disorders such as illegal practice, illegal medical advertisements, false information, illegal charges, etc., and promoted the rectification of industrial disorders by combining grid management with special actions. Comprehensively and thoroughly investigate clues, severely crack down on illegal behaviors such as renting and lending doctor's practice certificate, selling, transferring and renting doctor's practice license or doctor's practice certificate, fraud of "medical trust" and publishing false medical advertisements. Seriously investigate and deal with serious violations such as violation of diagnosis and treatment routine, induced medical treatment and excessive medical treatment, especially the price increase during operation, and incorporate them into the scoring and credit system management of bad practice of medical institutions, and publicize them to the society.

It is understood that in order to strengthen the supervision of the medical service market and promote the continuous improvement of the management level, service quality and service ability of medical institutions, our city has formulated and issued the "blacklist" management measures for medical institutions engaged in illegal practices, which will publicize to the public the medical institutions with serious illegal behaviors in line with the "blacklist" situation, and implement key supervision on them supervision and inspection.

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