Guarantee the safe supply of livestock and poultry products

In order to further eliminate the source of infection, cut off the route of virus transmission, strengthen the prevention and control of major animal epidemics, and ensure the healthy development of pig production and animal husbandry, recently, our city issued a special implementation plan to carry out a three-month animal epidemic prevention "cleaning and disinfection" campaign, comprehensively strengthen the awareness of daily disinfection and extermination in all kinds of places, improve the biosafety measures in all kinds of places and the whole city The ability and level of epidemic prevention shall ensure the safe supply of livestock and poultry products.

Guangyuan meat processing Co., Ltd. is located in Tangxia Town, Pengjiang district, with an annual slaughtering capacity of about 100000 pigs. It is mainly responsible for the supply of meat products in Tangxia town and urban agricultural market. Yesterday, the launching ceremony of "cleaning and disinfecting" was held in the company, and a working group was formed by the municipal agricultural and rural Bureau, the municipal animal health technical service center and other departments to carry out comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting.

Next, the city will focus on the aspects of livestock and poultry breeding, trafficking, operation and slaughtering processing, highlight the disinfection of the environment and means of transport in the breeding, operation and slaughtering processing sites, do a good job in the disinfection and elimination of cages, bedding materials, feces and dirt and livestock and poultry product packaging, actively organize and urge the responsible subjects to carry out the disinfection and elimination in strict accordance with the disinfection procedures and scientific specifications At the same time, strengthen the linkage between departments, and promote the implementation of disinfection and extermination measures in the agricultural trade market and wholesale market.

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