27600 candidates take part in the college entrance examination

On the afternoon of June 11, the 2020 national college entrance examination security work teleconference was held. After listening to the relevant national and provincial deployment, our city mobilized and deployed the security work of the 2020 college entrance examination, and vice Mayor Wang Changqing attended the meeting.

It is understood that this year, there are more than 27600 candidates taking part in the college entrance examination in our city. The meeting proposed that, under the condition of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, all departments at all levels should, in accordance with the national and provincial plans for the safety work of the college entrance examination in 2020, conscientiously enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to do well in the work of the college entrance examination, strengthen overall coordination and cooperation, and focus on all key work. At the same time, the municipal (District) bidding committee shall coordinate the health department to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control of the college entrance examination, formulate the epidemic prevention and control work standards and the epidemic prevention measures of the examination site, strengthen the inspection of all aspects of the prevention and control, and ensure the life safety and physical health of the majority of candidates and the staff involved in the examination. This year's college entrance examination is a very special college entrance examination. Influenced by the epidemic situation, the examinees bear more psychological pressure and preparation pressure than the previous ones, so they need to do a good job in psychological counseling.

According to the meeting, the recruitment and examination institutions at all levels shall coordinate with the departments of public security, confidentiality, post company, etc., carefully carry out the security and confidentiality work of the delivery, storage and other links of the test papers, and prevent the occurrence of leakage of secrets and omissions. At the same time, the market supervision, public security, industry and information, education and other departments should make joint efforts to crack down on the sale of cheating equipment, so as to ensure the fair and orderly implementation of the college entrance examination.

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