Strive to start Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway construction by the end of the year

Recently, the opinion on land pre examination and site selection for construction project of Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway reconstruction and expansion project (including Waihai to muzhou branch line), an important channel of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, was approved by the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, marking a breakthrough in the early stage of the project.

Under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the acceleration of production, Zhongshan-Jiangmen  Expressway reconstruction and expansion management office, under the support and coordination of all levels of units, actively adapts to the new situation, does a solid job in the early stage of basic work, starts the preliminary examination of project construction land and the planning and site selection in March, and efficiently completes the supplementary planning of basic farmland involved in the project in early May. At present, the project aims to start construction in an all-round way by the end of the year. It is steadily, rapidly and cooperatively promoting various works to ensure the synchronous opening of the project and the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Channel in 2024.

The reconstruction and expansion project of Zhongshan-Jiangmene Expressway is the reconstruction and expansion project of four lanes to eight lanes. It starts from connecting the port town of Zhongshan City with Nanzhong expressway, and finally connects the Jiangmen-Heshan Expressway in Xinhui District. The total length of the reconstruction and expansion route is about 40 km, and the design speed after expansion is 120 km / h. The newly built Waihai-Muzhou branch line is located in our city, starting from Longxi interchange and connecting the Foshan-Jiangmen Expressway, and ending at the end. It is connected with Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway near Jiangmen Xinsha Industrial Park, with a total length of about 8.7km.

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