Jiangmen helped Macao's first mask factory put into production

Recently, the reporter learned from Guangdong NANDA robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NANDA robot") that the equipment of the adult mask production line produced by the enterprise has been successfully sold to Macao Oriental Yongfu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Macao Oriental Yongfu"), helping the company to become the first mask production plant in Macao.

"After receiving this order, our company immediately deployed upstream and downstream resources and carried out team cooperation. It took only 12 days to deliver the first production line of adult mask machine to Oriental Yongfu, Macao." Zhou Zhiqiang, general manager of NANDA robot, told reporters that the full-automatic face mask machine provided by the company to Oriental Yongfu in Macao has now reached a daily output of more than 60000 masks. Next, Nanjing University robot will continue to provide the other side with children's masks, kn95 masks and other equipment. With the subsequent equipment in place, Macao Dongfang Yongfu's daily production capacity is expected to reach more than 120000 masks, of which the daily production of kn95 masks will reach more than 80000.

In order to ensure that the first mask production line purchased by Macao Dongfang Yongfu can be put into production as soon as possible, NANDA robot also organized technical personnel of Macao Dongfang Yongfu to Jiangmen for practical operation and learning in advance, to help them understand the operation, commissioning and other routine processes of the mask production line in time, so as to ensure that the equipment can be put into production and use smoothly after arriving in Macao.

"With the joint efforts of all parties, our first mask production line has been put into operation recently. I believe it will better help Macao to solve the existing supply and demand of masks." The head of Macao Oriental Yongfu said that next; they will also increase the purchase quantity of mask equipment, and hope to produce more qualified mask products to be exported overseas on the premise of ensuring the actual supply demand of Macao.

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