Jiangmen was rated "Excellent"

Recently, the Provincial Work Safety Committee issued the notice of Guangdong Work Safety Committee on the assessment results of work safety responsibility system and fire control work in 2019, and our city was rated "excellent" and so on. It is reported that this is the fourth time that our city has been rated as "excellent" among the six safety production responsibility system assessments organized and implemented by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government since 2011.

Last year, the city's safety supervision capacity and overall level were further improved, the number of deaths in various production safety accidents fell by 11.7% year on year, and there were no casualties in the field of fire control and forest fire fighting, creating a stable safety environment for the city's economic and social development. Last year, the city realized the full coverage of the "double director" system of the three-level work safety committees of the city, county (city, district) and township (street), and further strengthened the organization, leadership, coordination and supervision of work safety. At the same time, through the construction of dual prevention mechanism, the city has "two hands" on hidden danger investigation and management and risk control. On the one hand, we will carry out in-depth special remediation of key industries, implement safety assurance measures for important time nodes, vigorously rectify all kinds of potential safety hazards, and crack down on violations of laws and regulations; on the other hand, we will focus on the main responsibility of enterprises through commitment of main responsibility, Joint Disciplinary constraints, and disclosure of punishment information, so as to control the source of potential problems.

This year, the city will further consolidate its responsibilities, make up for its shortcomings, improve its mechanism and lay a solid foundation. It will make overall efforts to prevent and resolve major safety risks, deepen the reform and development in the field of work safety, and strive to provide a safer and stable social environment for the city to win both the prevention and control of epidemics and the economic and social development.

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