Symposium on exchange of representatives of overseas students

On May 26, the Symposium on "overseas returnees sharing the same heart and overcoming difficulties together -- representatives of overseas students in Jiangmen" co-sponsored by Jiangmen Federation of Overseas Chinese and Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources was successfully held. At the meeting, 30 representatives of Wuyi overseas students who returned home affected by the epidemic received the anti-epidemic love package and learned about the relevant policy support of our city in supporting overseas Chinese, overseas students' anti epidemic and returning to China for entrepreneurship and employment.

It is understood that since the outbreak of the domestic epidemic, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese has given full play to the advantages of contacting overseas Chinese at home and abroad, mobilized overseas Chinese of Wuyi nationality, compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao and returned overseas students to donate medical masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials, and supported front-line medical personnel to fight the epidemic. According to statistics, as of the middle of May, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese has mobilized overseas Chinese from 28 countries and regions to donate a total of 3.9138 million disposable medical masks and 12.0443 million yuan. With the outbreak of the foreign epidemic, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese has actively guided and supported overseas Chinese and overseas students to do a good job in local epidemic prevention and control, such as guiding the Municipal Association of overseas Chinese to issue "about helping overseas students to study abroad" The staff jointly fight novel coronavirus pneumonia initiative, and instruct the overseas Chinese Federation to distribute health packages to overseas Chinese and overseas students.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese said that he hoped to establish a communication service channel with the overseas students in our city through this symposium, coordinate and solve the difficulties they encounter in the process of study and work in a timely manner, and provide help within his ability. Then, the heads of relevant departments introduced the relevant policies of supporting overseas students to return to China for entrepreneurship and employment, and made suggestions on the selection of overseas returnees.

Some representatives of Wuyi international students shared their experience of living and starting their own business in Jiangmen. Many overseas students said that with the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, the competitiveness and attraction of Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese, and other cities in the Big  Bay area will be increasingly enhanced, and the willingness of overseas students to return home and start their own businesses will be increasingly strong.

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