"Made in Jiangmen" on the China- Europe train

The reporter recently learned from Jiangmen Customs that Jiangmen Aosheng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. declared export of a batch of screws produced by Jiangmen enterprises with a value of 240000 yuan, and completed customs clearance procedures at Gaosha customs, which belongs to Jiangmen Customs, and boarded the China Europe train bound for Kazakhstan.

"We are in urgent need of delivering these goods to our customers in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the guidance and help of the customs, our goods caught up with the China Europe train and were delivered to the customers on schedule." Jiangmen Aosheng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. manager Xu said.

After learning that Jiangmen Customs has issued a number of specific measures to assist the development of China Europe train, Xu called the Customs for consultation. After receiving the phone call from the enterprise, Guan Wenhua, deputy chief of comprehensive business section II of Gaosha customs, learned that the enterprise had contracted a batch of business exported to Kazakhstan in the near future and the goods had to be delivered in the near future. However, if the goods were transported by sea first and then by land, they would not be able to catch up with the delivery time of the goods, which would probably affect the cooperation with the foreign side, which would be a great loss to the enterprise that is gradually recovering. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, Guan Wenhua introduced to the enterprise the detailed process of handling the China- Europe train business under the national customs clearance integration mode, and Gao Shahai about handling the customs clearance formalities of the goods on the same day.

Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spreading outside the country, international air and sea transportation has been greatly affected. The China- Europe train has become an important freight channel for "stable foreign trade" during the epidemic period.

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