More than 1000 applicants have been received

The A-area Park and F-area Park at both ends of Talent Island in Jiangmen have taken shape. On May 19, in order to enhance the awareness and participation of all sectors of the society in the construction of Jiangmen Talent Island, the platforms officially launched two major park naming activities. Since the launch of the event, it has attracted hundreds of people from inside and outside the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. As of 8 o'clock last night, more than 1000 applicants have been received. At present, there are six days to the deadline of the event (May 30, 2020). Welcome to continue to participate.

The reporter interviewed several people who took part in the recruitment activities at random. Among them, Lu Yanchun decided to sign up as soon as he saw the announcement. She has been rooted in Jiangmen for 20 years, and gradually has a deeper feeling for the city. "I married and had children in Jiangmen, which is my second hometown." She told reporters that in order to get a proper name, she took advantage of the weekend time to visit the island and feel the changes of Talent Island in Jiangmen. "I hope I can contribute to the construction of Jiangmen by participating in this event."

For Chen Bingnan, a ChaoLian native of Hong Kong, this is an opportunity to offer advice and suggestions for the development of his hometown. "I have lived in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, but I have deep feelings for my hometown and I have been paying attention to the changes in my hometown. I hope to take this opportunity to express my thoughts on the development of my hometown. " Chen Bingnan said.

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