Promote the development of tea industry

May 21 is the first "international tea day" determined by the United Nations. The Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas and the provincial poverty Alleviation Office jointly held the "Guangdong cloud activity of international tea day 2020", which uses Internet technologies such as cloud technology and cloud platform to interact with the four major tea producing areas in the province. Xinhui District of our city is one of the branch venues. It connects with the main venue on site, introduces the situation of Xinhui orange peel tea and Xinhui orange tea industry, promotes tea culture and promotes the development of tea industry through tea publicity, tea poverty alleviation, tea experience and tea consumption.

In recent years, with the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization, orange peel tea and Mandarin tea, which are produced in the new society of "the hometown of Chinese orange peel", have attracted more and more consumers' attention and become the new favorite of tea lovers. Among them, Xinhui orange and Yunnan Puer are linked together to make citrus and tea absorb each other's essence, forming a new sweet orange tea with a sweet and sweet entrance. In 2019, Xinhui orange tea was selected as the top ten most valuable regional public brands of agricultural products in the year of "Yue brand", with a brand value of 12.62 billion yuan.

At present, there are 14 leading enterprises in Xinhui orange peel National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, and more than 1000 enterprises in Xinhui orange peel and Xinhui orange tea. The Industrial Park drives the whole area to plant Xinhui Mandarin, covering an area of about 100000 mu, and has attracted more than 3 billion yuan of social investment.

In order to further promote the growth of Xinhui orange peel tea and Xinhui orange tea public brands, this activity (Xinhui branch venue) also displays Xinhui orange tea culture, popularizes authentic Xinhui orange tea knowledge, helps Xinhui orange tea public brands grow and strengthen, promotes the prosperity of rural industry, helps farmers increase income, and promotes rural revitalization through "cloud shopping" and "cloud tasting".

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