Wuyi University students will return to school in batches

The infrared thermography temperature measurement system is set at the entrance of the school. Students are not allowed to go out without approval after returning to school The reporter learned from Wuyi University that in order to ensure the safety of the campus, the University planned and deployed in advance, refined the epidemic prevention and control measures, carried out comprehensive cleaning and preventive disinfection of the campus, and jointly carried out comprehensive renovation of the surrounding environment of the campus.

According to the notice, Wuyi University will organize eligible graduate students and graduating students to return to school in stages and batches from May 22, while students of other grades and still outside the country will not return to school temporarily. In order to implement grid management, the school has identified the first person in charge and the information reporter of prevention and control at all levels, realized the precise management of "man to man" and made sure that every student has no vacancy in management.

In addition, the school will also implement closed management; students are not allowed to go out without approval. "When students return to school, they eat, live and consume in the campus. The school canteen, supermarket and so on have prepared all kinds of learning and living materials for the students. " Said Liao Sizhou, director of Logistics Department of Wuyi University.

"The first batch of returned students this semester is about 600. The key areas for epidemic prevention are student dormitories, canteens, classrooms and other public places." According to Liao Sizhou, now the school has developed corresponding measures in different scenarios based on the actual situation and prevention and control needs. For example, in the canteen, the dining staff should sit at the same table to ensure the distance between each person. At the dining room window, yellow and black lines are pasted on the ground, indicating the safe waiting distance for the waiting personnel. In addition, when students enter and leave the public areas of the campus, they must go through strict temperature detection and identity verification. If there are students whose temperature exceeds 37.3 or who have other physical discomfort, the school will also take corresponding emergency plan measures.

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