Boost the construction of "strong ocean city" in Jiangmen

In order to implement the spirit of the series of important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on maritime power construction, and to achieve the goal of building a strong marine city by the strategy of national maritime power and Guangdong Province, the Jiangmen municipal government signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Wuyi University, HOLLEY University Group Co., Ltd., the municipal resources bureau and Wuyi University respectively in May 14th. Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, other municipal leaders: Li Weimin, Wang Changqing, Zhangkun, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuyi University, Zhang Yunhua, President of Wuyi University, Zhang Zhifeng, Chairman of the board of directors of Huali University Group Co., Ltd. witnessed the signing.

According to the agreement, Jiangmen municipal government, Wuyi University and Huali University Group Co., Ltd. jointly build "Guangdong Huali ocean College" and "Jiangmen marine economic innovation and Development Research Institute", which will actively cooperate in the construction of marine talent team, transformation and upgrading of marine related industries, development of key common technologies, cultural heritage and tourism development, and accelerate the construction of modern marine industry in our city System to promote the high-quality development of Jiangmen marine economy. Jiangmen marine innovation and development center, jointly established by the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau and Wuyi University, will strengthen the research and analysis of relevant policies and measures around the strategy of strengthening China's marine power and Guangdong Province, put forward suggestions, plans and measures for the implementation of the city, and provide decision-making basis for the municipal government's macro marine management.

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