Three tourist routes in our city were selected as the first batch of historical and cultural tourist routes in our province

On May 11, the Provincial Department of culture and tourism announced the first batch of historical and cultural tourism routes in Guangdong Province, and all the three routes recommended by our city were selected.

The reporter learned that the three routes selected by our city are Jiangmen Chuandao Haisi cultural route: Guanghai Weicheng city wall site - Dazhou Bay site - Xindi village Catholic Church site - Taishan Maritime Silk Road Museum - navigation mark of stalagmite village; Jiangmen overseas Chinese hometown world heritage historical and cultural route: Kaiping blockhouse and village - Fengcai Hall - Situ Meitang's former residence - Chikan ancient town - Temple School - Modern architecture group of overseas Chinese in tingjiangwei; historical and cultural tour of red gene in hometown of overseas Chinese: former site of headquarters of Guangdong People's Anti-Japanese Liberation Army - South Building of Chikan - former residence of situ Meitang - former residence of Zhou Wenyong - cemetery of martyrs of Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun.

In recent years, our city has increased investment in culture and tourism, excavated rich resources of Haisi culture, world cultural heritage and red historical and cultural resources, actively deployed and carried out the construction of historical and cultural tourism routes in the hometown of overseas Chinese, promoted the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, promoted the integrated development of culture and tourism, and accelerated the construction of a strong city of culture and tourism. Next, the city will combine the construction of the twelve section of the historical and cultural travel path of the hometown of overseas Chinese, and continue to do well in the infrastructure construction such as the marking system of the historical and cultural travel path, improve the readability of the tourist services and enhance the tourist path, and create a "low-cost and high-quality" cultural recreation space for the public and the masses of tourists.

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