Jiangmen added four new products for geographical indication registration and protection of agricultural products

Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas announced that 312 agricultural products in China will be registered and protected with geographical indications. Among the 11 newly added registered and protected products in Guangdong Province, our city accounts for 4, namely Enping Laifen, Heshan fenge, Enping rice and Taishan oyster. This indicates that our city is gradually forming a way of developing quality and brand rich agriculture with the characteristics of overseas Chinese town, and effectively accelerating the pace of agricultural modernization.

According to the introduction, agricultural product geographical indication refers to the special agricultural product sign that indicates the origin of agricultural products in a specific region, the product quality and related characteristics mainly depend on the natural ecological environment and historical and cultural factors, and named by the name of the region. If the registration of agricultural product geographical indication is successful, the protection of the special agricultural products will be strengthened and its development will be further promoted.

In recent years, relying on regional advantages, highlighting local characteristics, in-depth exploration of resources, and actively guiding agricultural products with cultivation value and market prospects to create advantageous and characteristic brand industries, promoting standardized brand cultivation and prosperity of agriculture, cultivating 12 geographical indications of agricultural products, "three products and one standard" agricultural products, 2 national famous, special and new agricultural products, and provincial characteristic agricultural products There are 6 product advantage areas and 48 regional public brands.

Next, our city will fully refine the unique culture and agricultural elements of overseas Chinese town, build Jiangmen City's agricultural brand value system, make good use of the gold brand of the national agricultural product quality and safety city, focus on improving the gold content of agricultural product brand with the "embroidery spirit", and build a new benchmark of high-quality agricultural cooperation and development in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district.

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