Online fire safety training

In order to effectively prevent and contain the occurrence of fire accidents in key industries and key fire safety units, Jiangmen fire rescue detachment recently held a fire safety video training meeting in key industries and key units through Tencent video.

The meeting was held in three sessions, with 300 video sub sessions for each session. More than 4500 fire safety principals and managers from the city's tourist attractions, star hotels, epidemic prevention isolation points, key fire safety units, petrochemical enterprises and other social units participated in online training. The video of fire cases in key industries and units in recent years was broadcast at the meeting to deeply analyze the painful lessons brought by fire accidents.

The person in charge of the fire protection supervision of the municipal fire rescue detachment made targeted analysis around the fire safety risk points of various industries and units, reported the hidden dangers and problems found in the recent inspection of the relevant units, reminded and prompted the fire safety work, further urged the relevant social units to fulfill the main responsibility of fire safety, and enhanced the person in charge and manager of fire safety awareness and fire safety work level to ensure the continuous safety and stability of social fire situation.

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