Xiuqugongye Bridge and Huanshiyi road project are fully open

Recently, the reporter learned from the municipal construction and management center that the old road widens and reconstruction, asphalt pavement, marking and other works of the Xiqugongye Bridge and Huanshiyi road project have been completed. This also means that Xiqugongye Bridge and Huanshiyi road project have been fully opened.

"We went back to work on March 10, one month later than the original plan. In order to recover the delayed time, we tried to use more machines and send more people." Zhang zhenle, the project supervisor, said that the bridge deck of the newly built Xiqugongye bridge was widened from the original 16m to 40m, with a length of 82m, including a two-way six lane motorway and a 12 meter wide two-way pedestrian greenway, which were constructed according to the standards of urban main roads, with a design speed of 40km / h and asphalt concrete pavement. After reconstruction, the bridge will quickly guide the traffic, improve the transverse traffic network of Jiangmen Avenue, and make people travel more convenient and faster.

In this process, the urban construction and management center conscientiously implements the requirements of "two hands, two not wrong", and speeds up the construction progress of the urban quality improvement project. In view of the specific situation affected by the epidemic situation, we should carefully "check the pulse" and make overall arrangements. First, assist the construction unit to purchase epidemic prevention materials and provide epidemic prevention materials guarantee for resumption of work; second, coordinate the relevant guidance work of the return of the enterprise's personnel from other places to ensure the resumption of work and the prevention and control of epidemic situation smoothly; third, give full play to the advantages of systematic and professional project management and operation to promote the quality and speed of project construction.

According to Zhang zhenle, we will spare no effort to rush into the construction of the second phase sidewalk, under bridge channel renovation and other supporting projects, which are scheduled to be completed by June.

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