Price reduction of 32 selected drugs

Recently, the reporter learned from the municipal medical insurance bureau that 32 selected drugs, including various commonly used drugs such as diabetes drugs and anticancer drugs, had recently been sold at a new price in Jiangmen, with a maximum drop of 93.33%. Jiangmen public medical institutions at all levels fully implement the purchase and use of selected drugs, and medical insurance designated social run medical institutions and medical insurance designated retail pharmacies voluntarily participate.

In recent years, the municipal medical insurance bureau has actively promoted the second batch of centralized procurement work. According to the requirements of relevant provincial documents, it has made clear the medical insurance payment standards for the selected drugs and non-selected drugs, implemented price linkage between the selected drugs and other non-selected drugs of common name, dosage form and specification, encouraged the price reduction of non-selected drugs as soon as possible, reduced the price difference between the selected drugs and non-selected drugs, and further expanded the country The effect of the second batch of centralized purchase reform was more, more varieties were purchased, and the price reduction was more obvious. The 32 selected drugs included diabetes, hypertension, antibiotics, antipyretic and analgesic drugs.

Because of primary hypertension, Ms. Liu needs to take candesartan ester (8mg × 14 tablets / box) for a long time. After the start of the pilot, how much has the drug price been reduced in the end? She calculated an account for the reporter: "in the past, one box of this medicine was 55.3 yuan, but now it's only 3.69 yuan. I can save at least 1300 yuan a year according to the consumption of one tablet a day. "

According to the person in charge of the Municipal Health Insurance Bureau, the purchase volume of the second batch of drugs in the year of centralized purchase in our city is about 29 million pieces / bag / piece, and the total amount of the agreed purchase volume is 6.6415 million yuan. Compared with the lowest price of each purchase platform in Guangdong Province in 2019, the average decrease rate is 71.87%, and the maximum decrease rate is 93.33%. It is expected that Jiangmen will save at least 16.9685 million yuan of medical expenses in the whole year.

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