Jiangmen students can buy cheap masks Online

In order to ensure the health and safety of the students who are about to return to school and do a good job in the supply of masks for the students in the city, under the unified dispatch of the material support group of the office of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the Municipal Education Bureau, the municipal government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau, in conjunction with the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Jiangmen branch of China Post, opened the "Jiangmen special supply channel of masks for the students in Jiangmen City" through the "Jiangmen e-commerce" app. The activity of "student mask purchase" is carried out in time and in batches. There are three specifications of masks, each of which costs 1.5 yuan. No appointment is required.

According to the introduction, according to the back to school and the production capacity of masks in our city, this activity will be carried out in time and in batches. The first batch of "student mask purchase" activities will be held in the "Jiangmen e-business" app from 12:00 on April 24 to 24:00 on April 27, the second batch will be held from 9:00 on May 8 to 24:00 on May 11, the third batch will be held from 9:00 on May 22 to 24:00 on May 25, and the follow-up activities will be open every 14 days to provide convenient and safe affordable masks purchase methods for students and parents.

Jiangmen primary and secondary schools (including primary school, junior high school, senior high school, secondary vocational school and technical school) students can buy, colleges and kindergartens do not participate temporarily. There are three types of masks: adult mask, children mask (9-12 years old) and children mask (6-9 years old). It is suggested that students of Grade 7 and above should choose adult masks; students of grade 4 and above should choose adult masks or children masks (9-12 years old); students of grade 3 and below should choose children masks (6-9 years old), which should be determined according to their actual situation, but each user can only choose one of the specifications for purchase.

The reporter learned that the price of the masks was set by the municipal government. At present, each of the three types of masks is 1.5 yuan. Due to the influence of raw materials, the price changes in time, and the original price is in and out. At present, our city provides the way of "express delivery to home", which is sent to the designated place (within the scope of Jiangmen store) by postal express delivery. We need to pay logistics fee of 4.5 yuan / copy, and complete the delivery within 10 days after the order is successful.

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