Anti-Epidemic together

Our city is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, with a large number of compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese. In the early stage of the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the vast number of overseas Chinese rushed to the rescue after hearing the news. At the first time, overseas Chinese helped the country and assist the countryside. A donation, a box of protective materials, and a touching story bear the full concern and concern of overseas Chinese. The united front and overseas Chinese Affairs Department of the whole city launched the initiative and received donations from overseas Chinese in Wuyi, amounting to 13.394 million yuan, and donations of various epidemic prevention materials amounting to 13.508 million yuan, which vividly explained the great love of overseas Chinese and demonstrated the great strength of the Chinese nation.

In the last ten days of March, when the epidemic prevention and control work in China has achieved phased results, the overseas epidemic situation has accelerated its spread.

The safety and health of overseas Chinese always affect the hearts of the motherland and the people in their hometown. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally called on several leaders of China, hoping to attach great importance to and safeguard the health and safety of Chinese citizens overseas. Jiangmen municipal Party committee and municipal government resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, and do a good job in caring for and supporting overseas Chinese. The novel coronavirus pneumonia department, as the "home of the overseas Chinese", is working with the relevant departments. First, it is necessary to study and formulate the work plan and material distribution plan to donate overseas in Jiangmen during the coronavirus, and plan the resources of the whole city, and take effective measures to help overseas Chinese to solve the problem. According to statistics, at present, the city has sent 1.35 million disposable protective masks and other anti-epidemic materials to 115 overseas Chinese groups in 24 countries and regions.

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