Wuyi overseas Chinese actively participate in local epidemic prevention and control

After the outbreak of the epidemic in the host country, overseas Chinese of Wuyi nationality have taken advantage of the community and platform to raise materials, help each other, actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention work, and influence the people around with their own behaviors.

According to Zheng lvran, vice president of Wuyi overseas Chinese Association in Panama, at present, the government of Panama has announced a curfew to keep people away from home. At the same time, it has restricted the time for citizens to go out. Most of the local supermarkets and food related industries must be closed. In this case, in addition to home-based isolation, the overseas Chinese in Wuyi, Panama collectively purchase and give away masks, food, gloves and other materials to the local front-line anti epidemic workers, and make contributions to the local epidemic prevention and control.

"The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has spread more and more in New York and other places, resulting in a shortage of medical supplies such as respirators. We hope to help the community to prevent epidemics and tide over difficulties through donations of anti-epidemic products." Wu Zhaosheng, chairman of the New York Chinese general office, said there are 110 elderly people in the Songbai building in the local Chinese port, the oldest of whom is 105 years old. To this end, the New York overseas Chinese clothing Federation and the New York Chinese general office have donated a batch of anti-epidemic materials composed of masks, disposable gloves, protective clothing, etc. to Songbai building and overseas Chinese social welfare agency in Chinatown, hoping to provide help for the vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children in the community and overcome the difficulties.

On the battlefield of the "epidemic" of the global war, the overseas Chinese of Wuyi nationality are in every corner of the world.

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