Promote industrial technology docking and cooperation

In order to deepen the industry and research cooperation between the city and the key institutes of the Provincial Academy of Sciences, and promote industrial technology docking and cooperation, recently, an expert team composed of the provincial Testing and Analysis Institute, the provincial semiconductor industry technology research institute, and the industrial technology education center of the Provincial Academy of Sciences visited the city and carried out technology docking activities.

In Jiangmen Zhongdao Precision Technology Co., Ltd., the expert team expressed its willingness to introduce high-level innovative talents team, build a high-level collaborative innovation platform, and carry out research and cooperation in industrial technology. In Guangdong NANDA robot Co., Ltd., Zhou Zhiqiang, general manager of the company, thanked the Provincial Academy of Sciences for helping the company solve key parts and technical problems such as "ultrasonic welding machine" during the epidemic prevention and control period, and said that in the next step, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in automation upgrading and process improvement. In the National Key Laboratory of semiconductor optoelectronic product testing, the expert team said that in the next step, it will give full play to the advantages of innovative resources to inject new vitality into the laboratory and jointly promote the innovation and development of the laboratory and Jiangmen semiconductor industry. At the Municipal Quality Measurement Supervision Institute, the two sides reached a preliminary intention of cooperation, making full use of their respective advantages to seek common development and jointly promote the rapid development of quality measurement in Jiangmen. In Guangdong Shiyun Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., the two sides decided to explore a new mode of cooperation, and planned to jointly register and establish an independent legal person company to promote the implementation and transformation of embedded PCB projects.

It is reported that the two sides will take the opportunity of signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between the people's Government of Jiangmen and the Provincial Academy of Sciences, give full play to the advantages of both sides, combine with the needs of local industries, and actually promote the transformation of a number of high-quality technical achievements in Jiangmen.

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