Overseas students in our city tell their stories of "anti-epidemic"

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is rampaging around the world. The overseas Chinese Federation and other departments in Xinhui District have launched the "overseas Chinese love escort" action to care for overseas students. Recently, a number of "overseas Chinese love escort epidemic prevention packages", which are composed of disposable protective masks, Lianhuaqingwen capsules, antiviral particles, epidemic prevention handbooks and a letter to overseas students, are sent to the overseas Chinese students.

Under the epidemic situation, what is the work and life of overseas students? What do they think?

Ling Yuanda, who was in Spain, told reporters that under the severe situation, Spain's "fine control" had gradually upgraded. Ling Yuanda told reporters that at present, only supermarkets, pharmacies, food stores and other stores in the local area were still in normal operation, but the control of people's travel was very strict, "now it is stricter, driving requires permission, and there is only one driver."

In spite of the serious overseas epidemic, Shen Danni, an overseas student who is currently living in Los Angeles for home quarantine, is always reassured by the presence of Chinese people in the news, Chinese medical staff, Chinese aid and the "health package" issued by the Chinese Embassy to overseas students. When talking about the biggest feeling of the epidemic, she said with emotion: "The moon of the motherland is brighter. I hope the epidemic will end soon. I want to go home and have a look."

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