The construction of "digital government" in Jiangmen

In order to gather domestic experts, scholars and industry leaders to help the city accelerate the reform and construction of "digital government", the reporter learned from the municipal government service data management bureau that recently, with the approval of the municipal government, the municipal "digital government" Reform and Construction Expert Committee was officially established.

The municipal "digital government" Reform and Construction Expert Committee has 25 expert members, which are composed of experts and scholars from different fields such as information planning, data governance, information security and government services from all over the country. Jiang Jiaping, Deputy Secretary General of the E-government Expert Committee of the State Administration College and the member of the "digital government" expert committee of Guangdong Province, served as the chairman.

As one of the pilot cities for the comprehensive reform of "digital government", our city has actively explored the reform and innovation of "digital government" in recent years, and has taken the lead in issuing the " plan for the construction of" digital government "in Jiangmen City (2019-2021)", continuously supporting the "deregulation service" with information, deepening the reform and optimizing the business environment, and in the reform of commercial system, real estate registration and transaction, and government service. We will try to build a "model of Jiangmen reform" and explore replicable and popularized experiences for the "digital government" reform.

The establishment of the Expert Committee for the Reform and construction of "digital government" of Jiangmen will be based on the theoretical combination and practical innovation of "digital government", gather ideas and scientifically plan the key reform and construction tasks of "digital government" of Jiangmen, provide forward-looking and high-level decision-making consultation and technical support for the reform and construction of Jiangmen.

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