A Total of 193 Companies Have Been Approved for Use

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a notice approving enterprises to use the special logo of geographical indication products. 52 new enterprises such as Jiangmen Xinhui Zhenmei Chenpi Tea Co., Ltd. were approved to use the special logo of Xinhui Chenpi or Xinhui orange geographical indication products, which will further promote the promotion of Chenpi and Xinhui orange brands in our city and improve market competitiveness. At present, a total of 193 enterprises in the city have been approved to use the special logo of Xinhui orange peel or Xinhui orange.

In recent years, the municipal market supervision bureau has made great efforts to cultivate regional characteristic brands, strengthen the use of landmarks, and take multiple measures to enhance the market competitiveness of Xinhui orange and Xinhui orange peel. On the one hand, improve the standard system, formulate standardized standards from planting, processing to sales, and establish Guangdong Xinhui Citrus standardized demonstration area and national citrus cultivation comprehensive standardized demonstration area. At the same time, we should strictly supervise the landmark products, carry out the special law enforcement of geographical indications in spring and autumn, and inspect the standardized use and quality standards of the special signs of geographical indication products. 26 batches of Xinhui tangerine peel and 25 batches of Xiaoqing orange were sampled for quality risk monitoring and follow-up treatment.

In addition, enterprises operating tangerine peel or Xinhui tangerine in their areas of jurisdiction are identified, qualified enterprises are encouraged to apply for special marks for geographical indication products, and enterprises are guided to transform Xinhui tangerine peel and Xinhui tangerine from a single agricultural development to integration with modern service industries such as processing, manufacturing and tourism, so as to follow a path of industrial integration.

According to statistics, at present, there are more than 2000 production and operation units in Xinhui orange peel and Xinhui orange industry, about 50000 industrial employees, about 170000 tons of output, and the output value of the whole industrial chain is 8.5 billion yuan.

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