Condolences to Heroes of the “Epidemic’ War

On the morning of March 24, all the party members and cadres of the Municipal Women’s Federation went to the designated hotel to carry out the public welfare activity of “love home” for the members of Jiangmen medical team to Hubei, and gave them warm hearts on the spot, expressing the most sincere greetings from the hometown to them.  

It is reported that three groups of medical teams supporting in Hubei returned to Jiangmen on March 20 and are now in a 14 day rest period. In order to meet the life needs of medical team members during this period, the Municipal Women’s Federation has carefully prepared a warm heart package for each member, hoping that they can spend a happy and healthy rest period and return to normal family life and work as soon as possible.

As the saying goes, isolation does not separate love. Although the medical team members in a special period can not talk face to face with the Women’s Federation cadres, the “zero distance” interaction between the heart and the heart is even more moving. The cadres of the Municipal Women’s Federation shouted to the members upstairs over and over: “welcome home and pay homage to you, heroes of war!” And the team members stand on the balcony of the hotel room, waving a small flag in response: “unity against the epidemic, Women’s Federation to warm the heart!” Upstairs and downstairs sing together “I and my motherland”, “singing the motherland” and other songs, with warm behavior to express the inner feelings.

It is reported that long before the team members returned to Jiangmen for rest, the party members and cadres of the Municipal Women’s Federation went to the designated hotel to deliver the team members a batch of living materials provided by the provincial Women’s Federation. In the near future, the Municipal Women’s Federation will continue to pay attention to the life and psychological needs of the team members during the rest period, and open 12338 hotline to provide free psychological consultation for the team members in need.

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