Release Relevant Digital Resources for Enterprises to Carry out Online Training

In order to make full use of the “Internet +” mode to carry out online vocational skills training for enterprise employees and promote the continuous development of vocational skills improvement, recently, the municipal human resources and social security bureau announced the first batch of 80 online vocational skills improvement training platforms and relevant digital resources for enterprises in the city to carry out online training.

The 80 online training platforms and related digital resources announced this time include not only the online platform for vocational skills training recommended by relevant national and provincial departments, but also the online platform and digital resources collected from the enterprises and training institutions that have carried out the training for employees. Such as China vocational training online, employment and entrepreneurship and vocational training online, new vocational online learning platform, China national personnel training network, “learning power” skill channel, Tencent classroom, Huawei talent online platform, etc.

All enterprises in our city can choose the published online training platform or other standardized online training platform to carry out staff training. Other online platforms selected by the enterprise shall have the function of recording training conditions, reasonably setting up online training teaching, exercise, evaluation and other functional modules, so as to realize the whole process tracking management of training process and training effect, and ensure the training quality.

In addition, in order to promote the long-term and normalization of online training mode and further improve the quality of training, the city has opened a collection channel to collect online training resources for various vocational and technical colleges, training institutions, educational consulting institutions and enterprises.

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