Our city's epidemic prevention materials arrived in Panama

Chen  Xiao, deputy director of the Liaison Section of the United Front Department of  the municipal Party committee, received a message from Panama that "these  epidemic prevention materials have finally been delivered to the overseas  Chinese."

In  the middle of March, we received help from overseas Chinese. On March 20, we  prepared all the materials. On March 21, the first batch of epidemic prevention  materials was transported to Panama City. On March 31, the first batch of  materials successfully arrived with the outbreak of the overseas epidemic and  the difficulties of the overseas Chinese, our city staged a support action to  race against the time, so that the overseas Chinese can feel the deep love and  care from their hometown in the most difficult time.

Zheng  lvran, vice president of Wuyi overseas Chinese Association in Panama, told  reporters that in addition to giving most masks to the overseas Chinese in need,  they also plan to take out about 40000 masks to local departments such as Panama  presidential palace and local people in need.

According  to reports, at present, the Panama government has announced a curfew, not only  let the citizens not to go out, but also to limit the time for citizens to go  out. Most of the local supermarkets, as well as the industries related to the  provision of food, have to close down. In this case, the Wuyi overseas Chinese  living in Panama fully cooperate with the relevant arrangements of the local  government's health department. In addition to home-based anti epidemic, many  Wuyi overseas Chinese buy and donate masks, food, gloves and other materials to  the first-line anti epidemic workers, actively act as the "logistics staff" for  the prevention and control of the local epidemic, and contribute a lot to the  local place. "With the strong support of the motherland and the practical help  of all sectors of society, I believe Panama will soon overcome the epidemic!" Li  said.

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