The Municipal Taxation Bureau Held a Symposium

Recently, the municipal tax bureau held a symposium to invite the presidents of nine industry associations, including the municipal enterprise federation and the association of foreign funded enterprises, to accurately understand the difficulties and demands faced by various industries in the resumption of work and listen to the opinions and suggestions.

“Hope to extend the Declaration”, “hope to extend the time limit of preferential policies”. Around the current difficulties faced by various industries, the representatives at the meeting raised issues and demands on enjoying tax support policies, and the participants of the municipal tax bureau responded on the spot.

According to the introduction, the municipal tax bureau actively played a role in tax functions. On the one hand, it strictly implemented preferential tax policies and issued 7 categories of 43 Specific measures to support resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control; on the other hand, it vigorously promoted “non-contact” tax handling, unblocked online tax handling channels and launched 262 “non-contact” tax handling (fee) lists. In addition, the Municipal Taxation Bureau carried out precise investigation and policy guidance, sorted out tax policies by category, and formed a compilation of tax policies for seven industries greatly affected by the epidemic and currently closely related medical institutions, medical personnel and public welfare donations. “The policy compilation enables us to understand the relevant tax support policies in a convenient and timely manner, and the tax department has paid attention to it.” Wu Binglou, chairman of Wuyi Catering Association, said.

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