Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau Won the Honor of “National Brand”

Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas announced the list of the first batch of national agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement demonstration units. Jiangmen agriculture and rural Bureau, as the only award-winning unit in Guangdong Province, is on the list. This also means that since 2017, the municipal agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement branch was named “the demonstration window of the national agricultural comprehensive law enforcement”, the municipal agricultural administrative law enforcement work has been recognized by the state again.

In recent years, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, guided by “demonstration”, has further improved law enforcement style, enhanced law enforcement capacity and improved the level of file production. In 2018, a veterinary drug case handled by the municipal agricultural and rural Bureau was selected as the “national excellent file of agricultural administrative punishment”. In 2020, Jiangmen agricultural administrative law enforcement files will be designated as an important part of Jiangmen administrative law enforcement evaluation by law enforcement Guangdong construction evaluation.

Next, the municipal agricultural and rural Bureau will continue to promote the reform of agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement, improve the law enforcement system, and provide a strong legal guarantee for the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization and the modernization of rural governance system and governance capacity.

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