Less Rainfall is Expected in March

Recently, the reporter learned from the municipal emergency management bureau that in order to coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the municipal three prevention office organized many departments to hold a video conference on the situation of three prevention, focusing on the prediction, analysis and judgment of the weather and hydrological conditions in March in our city.

It is reported that the meteorological department predicts that the average temperature in March is generally normal, and the precipitation is 1-20% less than that of the whole year (50-85mm). Next, there will be cold air and accompanied by rainfall, which are respectively from March 15 to 17 (moderate to weak cold air, light rain), March 27 to 30 (moderate to heavy rain, local rainstorm). The hydrological department forecasts that this year will be a normal year, with normal or slightly less rainfall during the flood season; the flood season may start later this year, with normal to less rainfall during the previous flood season. At present, the city’s rivers and reservoirs are generally stable. The total water storage capacity of the reservoir is about 998.3 million cubic meters, and the total water available for agricultural irrigation is 880 million cubic meters. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the reservoir project, the water conservancy department can do a good job in scientific dispatching of water conservancy projects and water storage, which can effectively provide guarantee for water use in spring ploughing.

At the same time, the municipal departments of natural resources, water conservancy, agriculture and rural areas, emergency management, comprehensive law enforcement of urban management, meteorology, hydrology and other departments will strengthen the inspection of potential geological hazards, the inspection of water conservancy projects, attention to weather conditions of spring ploughing, inspection and maintenance of drainage facilities, meteorological monitoring, prediction and early warning.

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