“Wisdom” Spring Ploughing Screen Appeared on CCTV “News Broadcast”

In the report titled “do not miss farming in spring” in the CCTV “news broadcast”, the agricultural machinery of our city has stepped on the “platform” to help the production of spring farming, and the rate of agricultural machinery farming has reached over 99%. On the ground, the group of agricultural machinery has cultivated and transplanted seedlings orderly back and forth, and in the air, the UAV of plant protection has easily completed such agricultural work as weeding and pesticide spraying, presenting a dynamic “wisdom” spring ploughing screen.

This year, while building a solid “iron wall” for epidemic prevention and control, our city made every effort to mobilize and organize spring cultivation production to ensure that the key tasks of agricultural and rural development were completed as scheduled. It is reported that this year, the planned planting area of spring ploughing in our city is 1.97 million mu, including 1.25 million mu of rice, a slight increase over last year.

At present, the city is stepping up efforts to restore the order of agricultural production, break through the blocking points such as the supply of agricultural materials, agricultural machinery operation, and farmers’ going to the fields, guide technicians at all levels to go deep into the production line of spring ploughing, and promote good varieties and good laws through the three-level agricultural technology extension service system. At the same time, give full play to the leading role of service organizations such as “full mechanization + comprehensive farming” and promote “one-stop” production custody services. Do a good job in the allocation and maintenance of agricultural machinery, organize cross regional operations, and ensure the smooth access of agricultural machinery to the field. The total power of agricultural machinery is about 452100 kilowatts. It is planned to put in 24699 sets, 21143 sets of maintenance and repair, and 269 machine operators and repair personnel are trained.

As of March 8, 951800 mu of land has been planted and 76% of the planned area has been completed; 1.02 million mu of seedling has been planted and 75% of the planned area has been completed; 258000 mu of seedling has been planted and 21% of the planned area has been completed.

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