Pay tribute to the anti-epidemic workers

"When you reach out a warm and helping hand, your heart is full of infinite love; it is your passion and devotion that will make the world truly loves." Recently, a song "Infinite Love" has used the power of music to help the hometown of overseas Chinese against "epidemic".

The song was written by Zhou junxiong, composed by the director of the Municipal Culture Museum, Cai Chaoyang, and sung by Fan yajing. The song lasted nearly 5 minutes.  The song begins with lyrics like "climbing mountains", "stepping over grasslands", "crossing the desert" and "crossing the sea" to praise the people who have made contributions to epidemic prevention in our city. Zhou Junxiong expressed his hope to express gratitude to the workers fighting in the front and rear of the epidemic prevention through the form of literary and artistic creation, while providing them with spiritual inspiration.

Since the start of the city's epidemic prevention work, many anti-epidemic workers fighting on the front and back have performed their duties, consolidating their strengths for Jiangmen's epidemic prevention work. Zhou Junxiong was often touched by those obscene acts, and he contacted Cai Chaoyang for the first time and created this "Infinite Love". "Although we don't have the medical skills like a doctor, we have the ability to create music. We hope to use songs to transfer warmth and strength to anti-epidemic workers." Zhou Junxiong said.

At present, the song has been uploaded to Tudou website. Zhou Junxiong said that he hopes to inspire more people through the song and allow more groups from all walks of life in the community of overseas Chinese to participate in the fight against the "epidemic" and win the battle without smoke war.

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