Twenty-eight City Parks Reopened

Twenty-eight city parks, including Donghu Park, Qunxing Park, Baishuidai Park and Shijian Park, have been officially reopened yesterday. Please refer to the park notice for details. Citizens still need to consciously cooperate with the park management, pay attention to health, do not gather.

Officials from the municipal administration of urban management and law enforcement said that although the city park was officially reopened, the prevention and control work could not be relaxed, and each park still needs to do a good job. For example, epidemic prevention banners and slogans should be set up at the prominent positions of the main entrances and exits of the park, and epidemic prevention and control knowledge should continue to be broadcast by electronic display screens, billboards, park broadcasting systems, mobile propaganda vehicles, etc.; recreational facilities, music fountains, book bars, exhibition halls and other facilities and places that are likely to cause crowd gathering and airtight should continue to be closed temporarily in the park; In parks where conditions permit, the temperature of visitors should be checked at the entrances and exits; Park to strengthen scientific persuasion, orderly channel the flow of people, guide the people civilized garden; Continue to guard against agglomeration activities in parks until the outbreak is over; Strengthen the cleaning and killing efforts in the park, especially the garbage cans, public toilets, seats, railings and other public facilities and equipment should be regularly cleaned and killing, to ensure that the daily garbage day clearance; Set waste mask dustbins; Active and effective measures shall be taken to monitor the health of the staff and protect their operations.


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