Municipal committee of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao affairs office blood donation without compensation

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, there is an urgent situation of blood inventory in our city. Recently, the Municipal Party Committee, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office organized a number of qualified party members and cadres to the central blood station to carry out unpaid blood donation activities.

On the day of blood donation, after completing the forms, washing hands, measuring body temperature, health consultation, blood testing, etc., the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office took the lead in donating 400 ml of blood, and other colleagues also actively participated. Relevant persons in charge of the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao Affairs Office of the Municipal Party Committee said that before the crisis, as party members and cadres, everyone needs to take the lead in donating blood, alleviate the emergency situation of blood in medical institutions during the epidemic prevention and control, and carry forward the spirit of watching and helping each other to overcome difficulties.

It is understood that in recent years, in addition to actively organizing party members and cadres to participate in blood donation, the Municipal Party Committee's Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao Affairs Office has also worked hard to provide free blood donation publicity and education to encourage healthy citizens to actively participate in free blood donation on the premise of their own protection.

"During the difficult times, the blood donated by everyone is the most powerful support for the front line, and everyone's dedication is the light that gives hope to the patients." The relevant person in charge of the blood center in the city center expressed the hope that all citizens and friends would be able to participate in the blood donation campaign without fear on the premise of good health and protective measures, and work together to win this tough battle.

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