Appropriate Personnel Distribution and Control in the Agricultural Trade Market

In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and effectively achieve “external input and internal non-proliferation”, the working group on the prevention and control of the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia in the field of market supervision issued the notice on the implementation of appropriate personnel diversion and control in the farmers' market during the epidemic period, and decided to implement appropriate personnel diversion and control measures for the farmers' market with concentrated population in the city.

The notice pointed out that the founders and operators of the agricultural trade market should strictly implement the main responsibility of the prevention and control work, reasonably set up the access channel for personnel, set the entrance and exit separately from each other far away, clearly mark the site, correctly guide consumers to enter the market and walk in one direction and leave the market orderly after shopping. The founders of the farmer’s market should increase their staffing, set up temperature monitoring equipment and notices at the entrances and exits of the market, and arrange staff to be responsible for temperature detection, personnel diversion, guidance, control and other work. If abnormal body temperature is found, they should be advised and guided to the fever clinic of the medical institution immediately. When too many people are found, consumers should be reminded and advised to go to other shopping places or choose other time periods for shopping. Appropriate separation measures should be taken for markets with dense stalls, crowded people and narrow space.

According to the notice, the majority of residents should make shopping plans in advance, change their habits of going to the market every day, and purchase 2-3 days of living materials at a time. In and out of the market, they should wear masks correctly, take the initiative to receive temperature monitoring, consciously obey, support and cooperate with the arrangement of market management personnel. Those who do not wear masks and do not undergo temperature monitoring are not allowed to enter the market.

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