Wuyi Charity Association Donates 1 Million Yuan

The Wuyi Charity Association held a new donation ceremony for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, and donated 1 million yuan (500,000 yuan each) to Jiangmen Central Hospital and Wuyi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to convey love to the places where epidemic prevention and control is most neededfor the purchase of scarce epidemic prevention materials and construction of equipment and facilities.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the situation has been severe. At a critical moment in the fight against the epidemic at all levels of society, many presidents and presidential enterprises of Wuyi Charity Club joined the aid team. Chen Weiping, deputy chairman of Wuyi Charity Association, said that the association is a folk charity society in Jiangmen and is concerned about the welfare of Wuyi people. Facing the epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Wuyi Charity Society and the people of Wuyi help each other. "We are very grateful for the vast number of medical workers who work day and night. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the city, we will be able to win this people's war as quickly as possible."

Li Yuming, director of the Jiangmen Central Hospital, said that since the outbreak, the majority of medical workers took the initiative to ask for help and went to the front line to fight the epidemic. They have the spirit of giving up a small family to care for everyone, let the society moved. All sectors of the society mobilized quickly to help each other and become a city, and supported the epidemic prevention efforts in various ways, which greatly encouraged and warmed the medical workers. "We sincerely thank all walks of life for their love and kindness. These love and kindness will converge to become a powerful force to win the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia."

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