Liu Yi Inspected the Material Guarantee Work of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor and executive deputy general director of the city's epidemic prevention and control headquarters, went to Pengjiang district and high tech zone (Jianghai District) to go deep into the workshops and warehouses of epidemic prevention and control material production enterprises and check the guarantee work of epidemic prevention and control materials. Liu Yi stressed that all relevant departments at all levels should study and issue relevant supporting policies as soon as possible, vigorously support the conditional prevention and control material production enterprises to expand production capacity and transfer production, and do a good job in material support for epidemic prevention and control.

Every time he comes to an enterprise, Liu Yi inquires in detail about the difficulties in raw material procurement, employment, capital and other links of the enterprise, as well as the implementation of the “Eight Ones” work, such as enterprise staff management. Liu Yi fully affirmed the work of governments at all levels and relevant departments in helping epidemic prevention and control material production enterprises to realize production conversion and expand production capacity. He asked all relevant departments to continue to implement measures such as resident office for key enterprises, study and solve the difficulties and problems in production and operation of material production enterprises one-on-one, and ensure that the production conditions of enterprises are adequate and the production capacity is fully released.

In the workshop of a factory, there are about 10 volunteers in volunteer clothes who are engaged in production. Originally, when a large number of people needed to be supplemented due to a working procedure, the Communist Youth League and municipal Party Committee immediately organized a group of volunteers to the factory to help with production, which solved the urgent need of the enterprise. Liu Yi expressed thanks and sincere greetings to the enthusiastic volunteers.

Liu Yi required that the enterprise should implement the main responsibility of prevention and control, strictly implement the “Eight Ones” requirements for the enterprise to return to work and resume production after the year, implement various works such as employee health inspection management, and ensure the safety and order of production. He encouraged enterprises to purchase raw materials through multiple channels. At the same time, the city should continue to tap its potential internally, ensure the integrity of the supply chain of raw materials for prevention and control, and strive for self-reliance. Relevant departments should do a good job in the inspection and testing of protective products, and increase production capacity rapidly while ensuring product quality. We should increase policy, capital, employment and other support, improve the enthusiasm of enterprises to change production and expand production, help enterprises operate at full capacity and full load, and do everything possible to increase the supply of protective materials.

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