The original public welfare song "The Night Watchman" was released

The original Jiangmen public welfare song " The Night Watchman " released by the municipal bureau of culture, tourism and sports and undertaken by the municipal cultural center is dedicated to all the people who fight day and night to fight against the epidemic, calling on everyone to prevent and control, unity, and win the battle without smoke.

"The night is deep, the weather is cold, your busy and tired figure is stretched by the long night, drive away the fatigue with persistence, resist the cold with blood, illuminate the darkness with love, and defeat the god of death with bravery ..." It is understood that the song "The Night Watchman" was composed by Cai Chaoyang, the director of the Municipal Cultural Center, and Deng Rongzong, the deputy director of the Municipal Cultural Center's Art Research Office. Cai Chaoyang and local singers Song Kejia, Yao Lijuan, and Shao Jun sang together. The melody is beautiful and smooth, and the lyrics are simple and touching, praising the heroic spirit of the majority of medical staff in charge and fighting against the front line, and also conveying the confidence and courage of everyone to work together and resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

Cai Chaoyang introduced that the entire creation process of "The Night Watchman" took only a few days. "In extraordinary times, this creation also took an unusual way, from the lyricist to the composer to the music video, which was all done at home." He said.

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